Who Joost 'Oogst' van Dongen is

Games are art. Games are a new medium, not in any way less than sculpture, painting, film or music. Right now, we are still experimenting with the possibilities of games; we are like film in the time of the Lumiere brothers. Game developers have found some tricks that work and sell and that have grown the industry, but I believe we have only seen a glance of the broad possibilities of games. Maybe not all games have to entertain or educate, maybe there is room for games that are disgusting, no fun at all, or games that are sad, or psychedelic, with their meaning slipping through your fingers like water. Games that broaden your mind. Games that are art.
I am a 30 years old Dutch game developer. I am lead programmer of Ronimo Games, a game development studio in Utrecht that I founded together with six friends. We dreamt of making our own games, and reaching lots of gamers with them. We are living that dream. Every day. It rocks.
I have a Master in Game Design & Development from the Utrecht School of the Arts, and a Cum Laude Master of Science in Game & Media Technology from Utrecht University. In my spare time, I continue with my other hobbies: designing 3D graphics, reading, playing cello, and writing music with my cello and computer.
For comments, questions or anything else, please mail me at joost@ronimo-games.com