10100111001 (Starcraft II Battle Report remix) 2:30 July 2010
Space War X9 5:24 July 2010
Troninator of the Earth 1:50 June 2009
De Detective 3:28 May 2009

Cello sheet music
Famous themes for cello from rock, film, TV and games (early version, more to come)

I was cellist and co-composer in the instrumental prog-rock trio Distance, together with Tom Delforterie on drums and Erik van Dongen on synthesizers. Unfortunately, Distance is no more, but here are some of our old recordings, recorded in 2005. Note that these were quick demos and thus very low sound quality.

Distance - Stormvloed (Stormtide) 7:36
Distance - Ballet, my friend! 7:05
Distance - Dresden 4:37
Distance - Ladders Intro 2:04