Articles on game design and development

These articles were written for courses for both my study in Computer Science at Utrecht University and my study in Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Using raycasting in GPU shaders to enhance real-time graphics
English, PDF, 7,5mb - June 4, 2009
My Master's Thesis in Game & Media Technology at Utrecht University. Games are rendered through rasterisation, while certain complex effects can only be rendered by raycasting, which is a very different rendering technique. This thesis discusses how to combine rasycasting and rasterising by using pixel shaders, shows examples of existing techniques that do this, and introduces new results: Interior Mapping is a completely new technique, and a comparison is made of ways to render soft particles.

Interior Mapping - A new technique for rendering realistic buildings
English, PDF, includes demo - April 6, 2008
Published at CGI 2008 conference in Istanbul
Interior Mapping is a new real-time pixel shader technique that renders the interior of a building when looking at it from the outside, without the need to actually model or store this interior.

The Game Asset Pipeline
English, PDF, 0,4mb - August 6, 2007
My Master's Thesis in Game Design & Development for the Utrecht School of the Arts. All about the path that game assets (like models, textures, sounds, animations and levels) must follow to go from the creation tool (like 3D Studio MAX or Photoshop) to the game and how this influences the design and development process.

An overview of the field of inverse kinematics
English, PDF, 0,4mb - June 23, 2007
A literature study into inverse kinematics, from a programmer's point of view.

Pixel Shaders Voor Game Artists
Dutch, DOC, 4,8mb - September 2, 2006
All about pixel shaders. Intended for 3D artists, not programmers.

Real-time Scene Complexity
English, DOC, 0.5mb - July 11, 2006
An empirical study of scene complexity versus performance in real-time computer graphics

The democratization of real-time graphics
English, PDF, 0.5mb - April 24, 2006
The basics and ideas of pixel shaders from a programmerís point of view

Taking your game online - Fundamentals of coding online games
English, PDF, 0.5mb - July 7, 2005
Choosing the best architecture and protocol, handling latency, dead reckoning, etcetera.

Dynamic difficulty adjustment - Houd de gamer in de Sweet Spot
Dutch, PDF, 0.1mb - June 2, 2005
About techniques to dynamically change the difficulty of a game according to the gamer's skills.

What women want - Over de smaak van vrouwen in games
Dutch, PDF, 0.1mb - May 26, 2004
Women like different things in games than men do. So what do women like in games?