Finished on August 19, 2005

After seeing the sketch my friend Eric Uijlen had made of a Policebot, I thought it would be fun to model this guy. I really liked the style and feel of the drawing and I like to work with concept art others have made. I decided I wanted to do a game-model, although there is no particular game this model will be used in. Along the way, I had such fun that I added normal maps and specular maps. The normal maps where done using a high-poly model and the Kaldera-plug-in for normal-map generation. The pictures of the textured model on this website are all screenshots from the viewports in 3D Studio MAX, so they were done in real-time using pixel shaders.

Finally, when all this was done, I also added a skeleton and rigged this guy. Using that, I made an animation of the Policebot, trying to be expressive without adding other characters or items. The animation can be found here (in the movement-section).