Multifunctional steam engine

Finished in October 2004

Ambition come to life: I decided to build a steam engine of 4500 polygons for some future game, including normal maps that required both a low-poly model and a high-poly model. However, that is not all: the locomotive should be multifunctional. This means driving on rails, walking on water and flying through the air.
The idea was cool, my time was not. The result is a finished, unwrapped low-poly model with transformation animations between the different functionalities. The high-poly model however is only half-finished, as are the normal maps. The diffuse texture was partly made, but far from being finished. I did learn a whole lot from this project, though: I now know how normal mapping works in practice and have actually made some details with normal maps, as can be seen on the picture to the right.

Someday, I will finish this one...